Acne Diet: Three Supplements You Must Add to Your Acne Diet


Whether or not the docs have it right, your diet does, in many cases, have an effect on your acne.  Whether it is a direct or indirect link, there are nutrients you can eat that will improve your acne.  Lack of these nutrients in your diet may result in severe acne, acne scars, and the inability of your body to control and eliminate your acne.So what nutrients should you include in your acne diet?  Here’s three that are the most helpful, according to research and acne studies.1. Zinc: I personally take one 50-mg tablet of zinc every day with lunch.  Why?  Not only does it fend off colds (which I’m typically pretty susceptible to), it also helps my body control my acne.  Since I started taking it over a year ago, my acne has gone from moderate to almost nonexistent, with a few breakout exceptions.Make sure you eat a full lunch when taking zinc, however.  It can upset your stomach if there’s not enough food in the tank to handle it.  Also, only take a daily limit of 50 mg, as an overdose of zinc can be poisonous.2. Vitamin A: This vitamin is found in fish oils, which is why I take one fish oil with dinner every evening.  It improves the overall look of my skin and prevents breakouts on my face.  You can take more than one of these per day; taking one or two per day is a good way to start out.3. Vitamin E: It’s not necessarily healthy to apply Vitamin E extract on zits, as some might think, since Vitamin E is usually known for being such a good skin product.  However, taking Vitamin E internally will help improve your acne.  You can find Vitamin E in sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, and other such foods. Source: Free Articles from

These are all relatively inexpensive ways of adding value to your acne diet.  But there’s many other foods that will help you control your acne and be acne free for good.  You can find the answers to all your acne diet questions here at